A plan for business owners and employees


Includes deductibles and expenses not covered 
by any insurance program
The Problem: In the past, when a business paid health care costs, the employee had to declare the payments as taxable income.

PHSP: In 1989, the Canadian Tax Act changed - health costs paid by the business are 100% tax deductible yet the employee does not have to declare it as income -

AS LONG AS the employee enters in a contract with a PHSP administrator, such as MedicalTax Inc.

A PHSP (Private Health Services Plan) is not insurance.

MedicalTAX Inc. DOES NOT SELL INSURANCE. MedicalTAX inc. is a cost-plus "pay if and when you use our services" administrator.

Even when an employee has some insurance coverage (through a spouse, or otherwise) a PHSP can be used as a TOP-UP plan to cover deductibles or items not covered.

PHSPs, unlike insurance policies, are designed to be inclusive, covering nearly all health care expenses. 

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